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Let us help you streamline the task of setting up your Cyprus Company. Fast and simple incorporations with no hidden fees.​

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A competent corporate services firm founded by professionals with a proactive, get-things-done approach.

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Our teams will answer all of your questions same day and help you set-up base in Cyprus and be compliant, while not overpaying.

Bespoke Corporate Services in Cyprus

Asterisk Corporate Services provides a wide range of professional services such as Cyprus Company Incorporation, Directorships, Accounting, Tax etc. Tailormade solutions for small enterprises, startups or big organisations always focusing on customers’ needs. Our target is to deliver nothing but excellence with bespoke approach and expertise.

Quick and efficient Cyprus Company Incorporations
A Cyprus Company is what you need to take advantage of the beneficial tax regime, location and other benefits of Cyprus. At Asterisk Corporate Services we make this task easy for you and can swiftly assist with Cyprus company registration and opening of bank accounts. With a full range of supporting corporate & fiduciary services, we will ensure full statutory compliance of your Company in Cyprus.

Interested in making the most of your income?
Cyprus offers some major benefits for individuals who are tax resident in Cyprus, varying from a 50% tax exemption when your income is above EUR55,000 to tax-free dividends when you are designated as a non-dom.
Our specialized teams will discuss your personal circumstances and tax status and advise accordingly on how you can take advantage of these beneficial tax regimes.

Professional accounting services to ensure compliance with local regulations
A huge amount of companies resources is spent each year for accounting, reporting, tax & compliance functions. Our specialized Accounting Team can alleviate the time consuming and costly burden by providing you cost effective accounting & tax services, keeping up-to-date regulatory compliance and accounting and reporting areas for your oversea business.

Professional Directors at your service
Asterisk can provide qualified, heavily experienced Directors with minimum number of appointments, who will strengthen the case of tax residency of the Co in Cyprus and add value to the Board of your Company. We can also provide Corporate Secretarial Services to keep your business in order. Whether it’s meeting filing deadlines or answering your questions, we will be there when you need us.

A team with a get-things-done approach

Asterisk is a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals offering a wide range of professional services, operating in 2 jurisdictions, Cyprus & BVI.

Tailored for businesses of any size, our professional services are designed with an unwavering commitment to detail and accuracy. We recognize the significance of timely and precise service offerings and have assembled a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to ensuring your company meets all regulatory obligations. 

You can trust in our team of licensed and regulated professionals accredited by ACCA and ICPAC to provide reliable and comprehensive support.

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