Corporate Secretarial Support

Corporate Secretary Requirement

Every Cyprus incorporated Company needs to have a Corporate Secretary appointed upon incorporation. The role of the secretary is an important one as it holds a key administrative and compliance role within the CyCo.

The Secretary of the Company can be either an individual (18 years of age or above) or a Company. The secretary of the company is appointed by the directors for such a period, remuneration and terms, as they may deem appropriate. The details of the directors and secretary are published on the electronic register of the Registrar of Companies. It is also noted that only in the case of a private company with one (1) member and one (1) director, that the director may also act as a secretary.

The Corporate secretary is also usually responsible for assisting with the ongoing administration and maintenance of the Cyprus Company such as assisting during transactions, drafting Directors resolutions/power of attorneys, sending out notices for meetings etc. 


Our specialist Corporate Secretarial Department will inform you about any deadlines so that you do not have to worry about reporting requirements. We can also work closely with you or other legal consultants during complex transactions to ensure smooth and timely completion by preparing all necessary resolutions and agreements. You can always communicate with us and inform us on your needs, and we can then assist as required.


Our team will assist you to manage the compliance and reporting obligations of your company providing:

  • maintenance of board of directors and shareholders meetings
  • processing of the changes of the shareholding, directorship or capital structure of your company and notification of the Registrar of Companies
  • preparation of resolutions, PoAs and other documents
  • arranging timely filings in the Registrar of Companies
  • arranging payment of the annual levy
  • adhoc Corporate Secretarial tasks, as required

* The above requirements are for indicative purposes only. Please contact us for more information on the specific requirements of your entity in Cyprus.


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