Cyprus Tax & VAT Compliance Services


When it comes to business, taxes are a part of life – whether we like it or not.

Here at Asterisk Corporate Services, we know that it’s not always easy to stay on top of tax planning and organisation. That is why we offer a wide range of tax-related services that will assist with statutory compliance and ensure that you are not paying more than you must.


Each Cyprus Tax Resident Entity needs to submit its Income Tax Return (TD4) once per calendar year, based on its audited Financial Statements, showing Taxable profit/loss for the year. Twice a year the Company also needs to submit its provisional tax return and pay estimated tax on the year (unless Company is expected to be in a taxable loss position.


Our Tax Specialists will contact you always when a Tax deadline approaches so that to review the records of the entity and work closely with the management of the Company to assess whether any action needs to be done.

How we can help

We will provide you with comprehensive tax planning solutions and ensure tax compliance of your company. Our target is to minimise your tax exposure and at the same time to comply with the local and international tax laws and regulations. We will assist you with tax related matters, including:preparation of annual tax computations

  •  preparation of annual tax computations
  • preparation and submission of provisional tax declarations and payment of taxes
  • advice on coptimum tax structures
  • advice on tax optimisation and tax planning for businesss and individuals in accordance with the tax legislation
  • advice on application of double tax treaties
  • assistance on obtaining tax rulings
  • assistance on obtaing of tax residency certificates
  • assistance during tax inspections and liaising with Tax Department on tax matters
  • assistance on obtaining tax clearance certificate on company’s liquidation

Indirect Tax Services (VAT)

We know VAT can be complicated. We know it’s nice to chat to someone when you’re confused. That’s why we offer a personal VAT service that gets your questions answered. From your first phone call to your quarterly compliance, you’ll have a friendly member of our team with you every step of the way.


 There are certain pre-requisites which may entail the requirement for a Cyprus entity to register with the VAT authorities and obtain a VAT number. The Cyprus Company can voluntarily register with the VAT Authorities or as soon as its expected to issue invoices exceeding €15.600 in any given year. There may also be other reasons for registering for VAT such as issuing of invoices within the EU etc.  


At the beginning (and during) our cooperation we will examine carefully the operations of your entity and inform you accordingly whether there is a requirement for any registration for Indirect Tax (VAT) purposes. Thereafter our team of experts can help as follows:

How we can help

We will review your company’s transactions in order to provide advise on indirect taxes, such as VAT, customs duties and excise taxes and will take all necessary actions in order to ensure its full compliance, including:

  • VAT and VIES registration
  • preparation of quarterly VAT and monthly VIES returns and assistance with submission to Authorities
  • assistance on VAT recovery process
  • assistance on obtaining VAT rulings
  • advice on VAT planning andstructure optimisation for VAT purposes

* The above requirements are for indicative purposes only. Please contact us for more information on the specific requirements of your entity in Cyprus.


We provide the service we would like to experience ourselves. Contact us today to see how we can better assist you.