Fiduciary Services in Cyprus

Specialized Fiduciary Services

Asterisk offers a wide range of Fiduciary Services to ensure that the Company is compliant in Cyprus at all times. 


Every Cyprus Registered Company needs to appoint at least 1 Director, a Corporate Secretary and have a Registered Office Address in the Republic. We provide specialized Fiduciary Services in Cyprus for both brand-new companies and existing ones. Our professionals will ensure statutory compliance of your entity in Cyprus at all times.

How Asterisk works

Upon incorporation (or during a transfer-in for existing Companies) we will arrange for you to meet our professionals who will be running your Company’s endeavors and will be appointed on the Board of Directors. We always aim for you to have one point of contact, who knows all of your entity’s operations and characteristics. We will always send everything for your review and approval before proceeding with executing any documents or perform any actions on your behalf. 

How we can help

Directorship Services

One of the criteria of Cyprus tax residency is for management and control to be exercised out of Cyprus. To achieve management and control, as a minimum, the majority of the Board of Directors need to be Cyprus Residents so that management is made out of Cyprus . We provide skillful Directors with minimum appointments strengthening the case for tax residency of the Company in Cyprus.

Company secretary

We will assist you to appoint the official Company Secretary for your company. Our service includes assisting you with understanding compliance with local regulations, maintaining your company's statutory registers and filing of annual return to Company Registrar.

Registered office address

It is a legal requirement for all Cyprus companies to provide a registered office address. We will list our office address as the registered address for your company. We will also handle all official mail for your company and forward it to you as per your preference.

Nominee shareholder

In case the beneficial owner does not wish to appear in the Company's shareholders register and shareholders certificate we will provide you with a trusted individual or company to fulfill the nominee shareholder function based on the Declaration of Trust.


We provide the service we would like to experience ourselves. Contact us today to see how we can better assist you.